Zeekajak.NL celebrate their 10th anniversary !

Bongo Adventure

We accept BONGO Adventure (Actief Ontdekken) gift cards. The booklet BONGO Adventure lists many active discovery activities. Sea kayaking with us is one of these adventures. In the Bongo booklet "Avontuur", that you can obtain through VVV visitor centres and ANWB, forty adventures are offered. A Bongo gift card entitles you to participate in one or these activities.

Sea Kayak Adventure

We offer sea kayak adventures, number 5 in the Bongo booklet. The voucher gives you the opportunity of one day paddling with us. You will be paddling in a single person sea kayak at sea or another place on open water, like the Oosterschelde, Grevelingen or the Waal, Europe's busiest river. But a relaxing voyage in the nature park Biesbosch is also an option. Our schedule marks what trips are specifically suited for those that have limited or no previous kayaking experience.

Trip or course

Besides a trip you can also choose to join us on a sea kayaking course. At a course there is more time to learn kayaking skills and the focus will be on skills acquisition and not paddling distances. Weekend courses often are a combination of skills acquisition and a applying those skills during a sea kayak trip.

Introducing friends

If you have a Bongo voucher, but you want to take along a friend that doesn't have a voucher, then she or he pays directly to us.


Please contact us for further information. And if you know what you want, you can register on one of our activities.