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This is the Sea 2 [dvd]

This is the Sea 2 [dvd]

De tweede video DVD in de reeks ontdekt nieuwe vaargebieden en uitdagende mogelijkheden met zeekajaks. Bevat een mooie documentaire van de expeditie van Justine Curgenven, Trys Morris en Gemma Rawlings rond Tasmanië.

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This is the Sea 2 (intro)

Tasmania documentary (trailer)


Take a head-long dive into over 90 minutes of inspiring, edge-of-your seat sea kayaking action from renowned filmmaker Justine Curgenven & Cackle TV.

Immerse yourself in stunning photography from Japan, Tasmania, Newfoundland, The Great Lakes, Skooks tidal rapid, Norway & Wales. Featuring some of the world's best paddlers. You will be inspired.


  • Full 25 minute documentary of the first all-female circumnavigation of Tasmania by Justine Curgenven, Trys Morris and Gemma Rawlings.
  • 6 month Circumnavigation of Japan by Hadas Feldman and Jeff Allen.
  • Black belt seakayaking at "The Bitches" tidal race in South Wales.
  • Stunning scenery on the remote Lofoton Islands in Norway.
  • Bryan Smith surviving multiple rolls at "Skooks" tidal rapid in BC.
  • Paddling with icebergs and whales in Newfoundland.
  • International racing kayaker Sean Morley.
  • Fantastic underwater rolling footage with Greenland-style paddle Doug Van Doren.
  • Explore the Manitou Islands on Lake Michigan.
  • Kayaks getting vertical in North Wales tidal races.

Land Australia, Canada, Japan, Norway, United Kingdom, United States
Regio Newfoundland, Wales, Tasmania
Locatie Lake Michigan, Manitou Islands, Skookumchuck tide-race, Anglesey, Bitches tide-race, Pembrokeshire, Lofoten
Featuring Ben Lawry, Bryan Smith, Doug van Doren, Gemma Rawlings, Hadas Feldman, Jeff Allen, Justine Curgenven, Sean Morley, Trys Morris (Burke)
Released 2005
Duration 93 min.
Quality 4:3, 720x576
Dimension (mm) 190 * 135 * 14
Shipping weight (g) 101.0000
Manufacturer Cackle TV Productions
Herkomst Verenigd Koninkrijk