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Ray Goodwin [download]

Ray Goodwin [download]
Ray blazed the trail in the UK with the open canoe. He completed the first complete canoe circumnavigation of Wales and the first unsupported crossing of the Irish Sea. He also accompanied TV survival expert Ray Mears down the Bonnet Plume River.

Ray and his trusty dog Dillie take us canoe sailing on Bala Lake and paddling and poling on the river Dee.

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Duration 6 min.
Land United Kingdom
Regio Wales
Featuring Ray Goodwin
Released 2010
Target Canoeing
Onderwerp Personality
Quality HD, 16:9 WS, 1280x720
File type MOV
File size 251 MB
Subtitles No subtitles
Released on DVD This is Canoeing
Herkomst Verenigd Koninkrijk