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This is the Roll 1 - Complete [download]

This is the Roll 1 - Complete [download]

Download the entire "This is the Roll" DVD - our highly acclaimed instructional rolling DVD with expert instructors Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson.

0. Introduction? min.? MB
1. Fundamentals24 min.727 MB
2. Standard Greenland Roll45 min.1.5 GB
3. Forward Finishing Fundamentals & Reverse Sweep Roll41 min.1.4 GB
4. Storm Roll30 min.1.1 GB
5. Extras: can be watched when-ever you like, although the balance brace & sculling chapter may make more sense after the 'fundamentals'29 min.

860 MB

£ 15,99




Subtitulado en Español

Soutitre en Français

Sottitolato in Italiano

Recensies "This is by far the best rolling video that I have Seen"
Duration 150 min.
Featuring Cheri Perry, Turner Wilson
Released 2012
Target Sea Kayaking
Onderwerp Greenland-style, Technique
Quality HD, 16:9 WS, 1280x720
File type MOV
File size 5.5 GB
Subtitles No subtitles
Released on DVD This is the Roll 1
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